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Computer Virus Catalog, An Illustrated Guide to Terrible Computer Viruses
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"The Dark Knight" by David Hitchcock

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Anonymous said: You're right, reverse racism doesn't exist. Racism is racism. Example: a black man and his white girlfriend decide to meet each other's parents. The man takes her home, but his parent's say, "you will not marry that white scum". The girl then takes her man home. Her parent's respond: "you will not marry that black scum". To be a social justice warrior, you have to believe that one couple in this story is racist, the other is just...a little bit prejudiced. No wonder people laugh at Tumblr.



What reason do black people have for distrusting/disliking white people? Oh gee I don’t know, maybe because they’ve been victims of actual racism? Maybe because of all the shitty things white people as a whole have done in the past and continue to do? A black person distrusting white people as a whole is not racism, it’s survival.

What reason do white people have for distrusting/disliking black people? What have black people done as a whole to disadvantage white people in society? Nothing. So when a white person distrusts black people as a whole, it’s racism.

It’s impossible for people of color to be racist against white people. Get it?


also most PoC don’t want to become assimilated into the dominant culture by being in relationships with white people.

Let’s first define racism with this formula:
Racism =racial prejudice + systemic, institutional power.
To say people of color can be racist, denies the power
imbalance inherent in racism. Certainly, people of color can
be and are prejudiced against white people. That was a part
of their societal conditioning. A person of color can act on
prejudices to insult or hurt a white person. But there is a
difference between being hurt and being oppressed. People
of color, as a social group, do not have the societal,
institutional power to oppress white people as a group.
An individual person of color abusing a white person – while clearly wrong, (no person should be insulted, hurt,
etc.) is acting out a personal racial prejudice, not racism. -Debra Leigh

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